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1 Is there such thing of having too much line

2 Would 18lb line be enough for mackeral, bass, doggies

3 What is the gear ratio about mine is 4:2:2

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Too much? well depends what you mean Jake!
Too much where? On your reel or in your takle box?
If you mean on your reel the answer is YES - if its a fixed spool the line should be as near the lip of the spool as possible to aide distance casting.If you 'overfill' the reel,line will fall of the spool and tangle!
18lb line is plenty big enough for beachcasting - most of us use 15lb unless fishing over rough ground.
Gear ratio's determine the speed of retrieve i.e. the speed at which your line winds back onto the reel when you turn the handle.The higher the ratio the faster you line loads onto the reel.4:2:2 is about average and will cope fine in most situations,higher speeds are normally required when fishing rough ground in order to lift the weight up of the bopttom quickly so as to minimise the chances of getting snagged on the rocks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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