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Quick and easy ring replacement.

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On checking my rod over. I have found that I have chiped the front edge of the insert on the butt ring of my rod.:oops: should be able to fish with it untill I get a replacement.(Ill just have to keep checking)
So Im wondering is there a easy way to replace the ring without having to completely rewhip the ring.
Is it just a case of using a sharp blade to slice through the whipping and reinsert the new ring. The rod is a AFAW 6+bait and does seem to have a lot of High Build on it. Is it worth heating the blade to get through this??
And apart from rewhiping over this repair is there anything I could use to reseal the cut in original whipping??
I supose its a lazy way but dont fancy having to completely rewhip on the ring (never do a good job) Failing that does anybody now of anybody who can repair rods in the bristol area.
Many thanks for replys of help.
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I have taped rings on before - self amalgamating tape (sticks to itself) is what i use - you can get it from screwfix or a friendly BT bloke and its pretty useful stuff - always put some in your tackle box just in case
It lasts for a good while and can get you out of a tight spot
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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