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Had a couple hours on the float at the breakwater last Thursday, managed nearly 50 fish, mostly Corkwings, Ballan's, Pouting and odd Tompot too. Nothing big really, just a fun hectic session.

Friday saw me fish with John and what a shocker, the beach where the big Ballans come from was deep in weed, we gave it ago, but the weed laden surf got to us in the end, so a quick move to the Salcombe estuary gave me 2 schoolies and a blank for John, really pants session.

Saturday saw me hook in to a right big urn, while making a trace up!!

Thumb Nail Finger Wood Electric blue

A trip to A&E where I managed to meet a angling mate from the old South Devon Fishing days Nigel Poland, who happen to be a doctor working in A&E, quick chat with him and was whisked off to the minor injuries section where he cut the hook out while chatting about fishing marks, only for him to remember to use the freeze spray after I finished screaming!!. He did do a cracking job and I got the hook back in one piece to use again too.

Sunday with finger working fine I got up early and took a drive down to Mountbatten pier in Plymouth in the hope of a Gar, as they been very scarce in the bay and I read that @si-fly had a good few from there a week ago. Got the float cast out and went and had a chat to couple guys along from me, only to be told they not seen any Gars for a few days now, not what I wanted to hear, but as I got back to my rod I noticed it bobbing around more than it should be, quick wind in and fish on, hoping it wasn't a Mackerel as it stayed deep, right up till it leapt from the water just like a Gar should do, happy days, another point for my hunts. He was followed by another Gar and I managed to drop one close to the wall, after an hour and half's fishing I was back in the car smiling.

Monday saw me down the South Hams and a long walk to a mark I was told holds Couch's Bream, been after one of these buggers for a while.
Started with an hour till low but didn't get a bite till an hour in to the flood, when I had a few small taps on the distance rod, reeling in and was a bit unsure whether anything was on till it got close to the shore line and it started shaking its head, and a lovely pink Bream came out of the water, yes a Couch's Bream and the 50th species of the year.
Vertebrate Fin Organism Underwater Fish

Managed another one of these stunning fish an hour later, that was a bit bigger, before I packed up and trudged the 30 odd minute walk back to the car.

Today saw me down at Goodrington prom, with the light gear for a couple hours in the sun, wasn't expecting anything new and didn't get any, but had well over 20 Corkwing Wrasse, so many they was a pain trying to get through. A move to some small rocks started producing some Pollock and Shanny's and a few Prawns too.
Was really nice fishing in the Autumn sun and wondering what next week will produce:unsure::unsure:.
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