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Quicksilver 640 Pilothouse Bilge pump replacement

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I have a 2005 model. Both my bilge pumps need to be replaced. I have drained and removed the fuel tank. The only way to get at the pumps is by crawling in under the floor. I just cannot do it as the crawl space is so low. . There is no other way of gaining access
to them. . The splash well access is only for the live bait pump, you cannot get at the bilge pumps through it.
I have searched the forum but cannot find any answer.
has anyone replaced the two bilge pumps? If so how did you do it? Is there any where I can cut an access hatch to get at them?
Is there any other location I can put two new pumps?

Any advice would be appreciated. If anyone has done it any photographs would be very helpful.


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Welcome to the Forum @Banna - might be worth placing this in the Boating Equipment section further down. There is also a Boat Owning Groups section as well and the first one there is a Quicksilvers Group - its a long thread but may have something useful.
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