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Looking at the weather yesterday, the thought of standing in a gale at Cairndow didn't thrill (that was Plan A) so myself and Dougie headed down to Greenock for a few hours to use the pre-purchased rag.
The plan was basically to get the species count up as Greenock is good for a variety of wee fish on rag usually.
HT was 1211- we arrived just after, fishing the green buouy behind the swimming pool.
Weather was horrific for the most part- we'd laughed at a guy out cycling in his shorts earlier but we're just as daft standing out in that rain. Despite floatie suits, hats etc, we both still managed to get soaked through- I reckon I've got trenchfoot.
Anyway, as we pulled up, couple of Polish (I think) lads there already-one of them's got a rod bell on what looks like a carp rod and it's going daft. He strikes into a fish and the rods bent in half. Hauls in a no bad red kelp codling maybe about 2 pounds.
Anyway, we set up and we're getting digs straight away but not hooking up-wee hooks then deployed and we start getting small codling ranging from about 4 inches to about ten inches. Doug lands a couple about half a pound, all returned.
Lug sems to be most consistent bait today but the bigger ones caught on frozen crab.
No pics as way too wet to get phone out.
Final score-can't actually remember, but loads of wee codlettes.

at least you were close to the car and no hiking through that weather required ! busy session by the sounds of it. spawning times must be all over the shop with the clyde cod,theres every size from 4 inches up to just over size just now. should be plenty size ones come winter time.
cheers rab
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