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If you are in Shetland (saw that from your other post, is this where you are?), I don't know if any other members are from there.

Actual places to dig rag and lug may not be known here.

However, you need to dig rag and lug at low tides - I guess the Shetlands Isles don't have big tides, so your options may be limited. see the attached links for info on how to dig and where etc.

Esturys are by far the best places, somewhere with a fresh water content anyway.

Quick rule of thumb is - rag like black sludgy mud, mussel beds, shale beaches, tidal harbours can be a good place to look - lug like sandier ares, but not usually clean beaches, the sandy needs some mud content (probably contains the food they eat).

Anyway the links above go into a lot of detail as how to go about collecting these worms.

A good website for seeing the tide ranges in your area is the link below.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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