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I was in Rainham for the pm tide where I met Basshunter.

I had bites all day. I chucked out lug in a device and rag on a flapper about 100 yards. The river was flat and calm and the sun was very bright so I attempted to get out into the deeper darker water.

I had 4 eels (two well over 1lb)1 smallish sole and one small flattie. No Bass. All went back. I lost my bait cooler last time out and the worms were suffering in the heat. The rags were just about dead which is probably why I had so many eel bites. Remember to be nice to your worms in this hot weather.

There was a chap (with his Mrs and their happy little dog) fishing down river from me. He started off in the water's edge just popping baits out into the shallows by an old rotten wooden pillar and took home a Bass that filled the bottom of his landing net. 5lb easy I reckon. So much for my ideas about deeper darker water!

Hi Bass Hunter it was nice to meet you on Sunday. Thanks for the advice. I'll get down again at low water and have a good look around next time. My next trip out is looking like the August bank holiday. I'll check in with you before I go.
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