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Is there a limit on low tide to fish the Ranny, I recall fishing it several years ago and there was literally a "pool" I suppose hence the name the "Ranny Pool" but it seemed unfishable because of this. As the tide was dropping I walked out on a sort of shingle spit and fished off the end over low water, It was a particularly successful session with 5 codling caught. The only thing was that I was very nervous of the tide coming in behind me and left well before it made too much on the flood, the sea conditions were also flat calm with no wind. Has anyone else out there seen this or tried it, I didn't take note of the tide height unfortunately.

According to "Easytide"

the Cardiff tide is around 2.4m low (10.59a.m when I intend to fish) and 11.4m high. Would this be fishable off the beach?

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