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Fished Ravens Point on Sunday With Brickie.
Shoved a couple of rag and lug baits out on the sand and plugged and float fished muscle and worm baits in the gulley's.
All to no avail apart from rockling pulling the floats under at every opportunity.
Nothing interested in the Rapalas and Poppers yet either.
A very brisk and ice cold easterly didn't detract from a gloriously sunny day but a trip to casualty this morning for a twisted ankle from my mountaineering experience is a bit of a bummer.
Called in at Colwyn, loads on the prom but saw nothing being landed, very windy there also.
Nice to be out on the island though.
Never mind lads,better luck next time oh and sorry about the ankle:uhuh: .I hope the weather stays like this all this weekend going to the lovley ISLAND myself [cant wait either!]

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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