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Ravens Point

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I've fished this area a few times and planning on returning next week but something has been puzzling me. I normally fish where the arrow is in this poorly edited picture, the normal route being in yellow, just pop down past the last house, sharp right then onto the rocky outcrop. I always see people fishing in the encircled area and haven't got a clue how to get there, do you carry on walking around instead of dropping down or do you need to walk along the right of the entrance to Ravenspoint estate and over the pipe? Also...where about is the sewer pipe mark, or am I being blonde and that is the pipe you walk over?

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The mark you have indicated with the arrow is the main spot and access now involves climbing over the disputed stone wall after you take the alley between the 2 houses. The only way I know to reach the mark you have circled is as you say by following the coast round from the entrance to the estate and over the pipe, there is a very steep gulley between the 2 marks so I've never seen a way to the circled mark from the other direction.

If you fish your usual mark I have been told that you can park on the road up through the estate but the parking area at the end of the road by the houses is strictly private and you risk being clamped if you park there , personally I park on the road outside the estate and walk to the point.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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