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Met up with AJ, Jules, Rockhoppa and Glassback at our favourite Ray Beach near Bude last night. Pete and I arrived around 7ish to find the others already had baits out in the raging surf!
Quickly rigged up and lobbed a bass bait out and waited. Within about 10 mins a group of "emmit water pixies" decided to walk straight in front of me and with total diss-respect surfed right in front of me. One whale sized blob with a boogie board even had the nerve to lift my rig up and drop it in close!!!!!! Now I don't mind if they're there first - I'll wait my turn for the sea, but when our baits are out before any "dudes" then they should find an alternative!
Any way, after a word of warning from several of us, they still ignored the risks involved with grippers and hooks etc, so I pulled my line in and waited, and waited, and waited!!!
1 hour later it was dark and they had all moved off - AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!
Out went my rig, having missed the perfect time for the bass it was intended to target the rays :)
An hour after low my rod twitched, nodded and bent over :) then screeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm went the reel!!!
I shouted up the beach to AJ, Jules and Pete as this thing was getting the better of me and my head lamp had just died! A quick calm down and the battle was under control and soon after AJ landed the fish.

A PB small eyed ray of 9lb 10oz

Now I promised Dad a ray for his tea and therefore I would get it weighed for the club (CADSAC) as it would be going for the table, prob fish of the month too, but being a female ray, I opted to release it and watched her go through the surf and back out - amazing sight :)

A local soon after had a 9lb 5oz, AJ was into a steady and constant flow of them too with the biggest going around 6ish prior to us leaving at 1am.
Pete, Ben and Jules found the fish too, with approx 12 ish fish between us all by the time we left. AJ and Jules stayed on, having the beach to themselves and were like ray magnets - hope you got another lunker ;)

Thanks for an amazing night peeps, the start was horendous with the water pixies but the wait was well worth it. I'm still buzzing now and another PB to the list ;) Catch up again soon!

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lol @ water pixies! i could think of a more descript name, but shall not say because I will probably get banned from WSF!!!!!! why do they do it! I'm like you, i will wait my turn for the sea, but it really pees me off when my line acts as a "board magnet"......anyway enough of my rant, excellent fishie m8 and well done on resisiting the urge to eat and letting her go.:notworthy:clap:

I was after a flattie of any descript this year and now i have had 4 spcies, so I think my next targets are smoothies and rays! well done m8


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What a cracking Ray!!!!! Welldone all!!!!! shame about the eejits,should of had meatsack with you,LOL the sight of someone the size of phil in a rage would surely of made them disapear??????

Power to the peaceful
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congrats skel.......a lovley looking fish....
and it sounds like you all had a ray or

shame about the surfers though.....
you wonder what they are thinking about at times a...

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It was a handsome PB fish Martyn and top marks for returning it you were rather hyped up m8:1a:,pete had 1 and lost 2 to rocks i think (maybe wrong),:giveup: jules had a 4 1/2lber and a spikey:),ben left early coz of work but still winkled 1 out.:victory:
My best mart was 7 1/2lb, 3 between 6-61/2,and 2-at 4 1/4lb after you boys left it went dead not a sniff so left,got in bed 4.30am.:yawn:
Thanks for the sesh guys it was great to meet you all again roll on the next set of tides.Not hijacking your thread mart just a couple of pics m8.:thumbs:

Those so called pixes:nonono:,not allowed to swear here,but i shouted fire in the hold and let fly,s*d em,manners cost nothing so treat as you would like to be treated.:preachon: Aj.

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Well done Martyn on your PB, she was a lovely fish and top marks for returning her:clap2:. It was great to meet up with the north Cornwall contingent again. We fished in conditions that are best described as testing:bones:, but stuck it out and it paid dividends. I think we all managed at least one ray so roll on the next trip.:sun:


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Sounds like a cracking sesh you had there lads. And well done on the Pb skeletor:showoff:
If a surfer picked up my rig like that. I think Id be inserting his boogie board somewhere that would have made him walk funny!!

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Great sesh chaps,,and what a great PB,,well done skeletor,,

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Well done mart on the pb.:victory:
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