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As the other thread got closed, I never got a chance to reply to Tom, so i'll reply here.

That's a little unfair.
...I tried and tried, but at the end of the day you got a quote beneath my own buy price... I was kind of scuppered at that point.
I am finding it tough, I won't lie about that, but I won't give it away, I am in business to make a profit, but with my profit comes a committment and a level of service back to you.
I did offer to give you a FREE trailer to try and compensate and I am sure other dealers would do their utmost.
What people have to understand is that due to the strong Euro, boat prices (from Europe) have gone up 15% since the turn of the year.
Tom, what's a little unfair, is you going off on one, when i never even mentioned you and indeed you wasn't one of the dealers i was referring to, you wasn't the only dealer i spoke to or got prices from, for your and everyone elses information, i spoke to dealers selling Quicksilver, Raider and Merry Fisher.

But as you want to go on about it on the forum i'll make a reply here (I haven't read your PM yet, but will do shortly) I don't know how hard you tried and tried, I asked for a price and you supplied one, just the one, yes, you did offer a trailer included in the price, but, so did every other Jenneau dealer I spoke to and the second Jenneau dealer i spoke to, gave me a price for almost the identical package, which was £2,185 less than yours.

To be exact and save any arguments regarding "almost identical package" the 2 packages were:-

Tom:- Merry fisher 585 Marlin, Suzuki 90hp, SBS Trailer, Marlin had Windscreen wiper & side rails on the cockpit fitted as extras total value
Total Package Cost to me (Minus Cost Extras)

Other Jenneau Dealer:- Merry fisher 585 Marlin, Honda 90hp, Brenderup Trailer - No Extras.
Total Package Cost to me £

A Difference of £, which i didn't think a huge difference, but, it was a saving of £ for one phone call, other dealers selling other makes were, generally speaking, much worse, some never even bothered to phone me back with a price, Raider I couldn't get in touch with as i continually got an O2 answering service and 2 of there dealers have never returned my call.

My experience so far of trying to spend my 20 odd grand on a boat hasn't been what i'd describe as enjoyable and i haven't been made to feel over confident at handing over that £20k and then waiting a few weeks before i even see what i've bought.

BUT, without doubt, the Jenneau Dealers, including Tom, were the most helpful and professional of the whole lot, that is one of the reasons, that hopefully before much longer i'll be ordering a 585 Marlin from somewhere.

As for the different boat packages i enquired about:-
Merry Fisher 585 Marlin + 90hp Honda or Suzuki + Trailer
Raider 18 Wheelhouse + 90hp Honda or Suzuki + Trailer
Quicksilver 580 + 90hp Honda or Suzuki + Trailer

Comparing like for like, all the packages cost about the same, any money saved was at the expense of an extra one of the other boats had, the Radier 18 for example, has no inbuilt fuel tank, but the Quicksilver and Merry Fisher do have one, the extra cost to have it fitted to the Raider is £1,000 or so, my decision on what to buy, was based on personal preferences.

Anyway, it'll be a 585 Marlin for me, unless I change my mind and buy a Jet Ski :)

AL ..

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Hi sorry to but in, but why buy a foreign boat in the 1st place? maybe you should check out Orkney Boats? They are hand made here in the UK and the build quality is superb and you can go and see your boat being made through the various stages if you want. A pilothouse 20 is a great all round Angling boat and you can get a good used example for 20k and they hold their money well. Just a suggestion. Good luck Rob.
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