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My Newest Improvements Were Field Tested! Watch!

A week ago i posted my newest improvement on how to cast the Spydro UW Camera from shore. The thick wire was a good choice as i also field tested it. Just the wire configuration needed improvement. It was extremely difficult "trying" to make a haywire twist using 2 needle nose pliers. My finished product does work but took too long to make & kinda an eye sore to look at. Yesterday i improved the design & i simplified the process as well. Today i used it in the field. Needless to say i was extremely happy about the results.

I was able to keep the bait away from the cameras lens. I was also able to power it out of coral instead of diving after it. And the 3 leader extensions that i fabricated i now can mass produce it at 2min per leader. Boy, am i ever happy! I'm sharing my design as i purposely threw in into a reefy area instead of sand or hard reef. I spent hours testing this new extension and it didn't fail.



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