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About a dozen members of Canvey Island SAC fished reculver beach last night for our May beach comp. Expecting a nice variable 3 to 4 got a nice 5-6 NE. nice. Things were very slow on the flood only 2 flounders caught and a few eels then on ebb a few more fish showed up as did a lot of weed, I had another eel and a doggie, a just sizeable bass by richie, then Andy M who was fishing next to me had a butt lifter of a bite and after a really good scrap kiting back and forth caught a thornie weighed 6lb 7oz. fish felt bigger as came in with alot of weed round the leader. Lovely conditioned fish caught on big peeler bait. not a lot else caught needless to say andy took the money and points plus a club shorerecord for his thornie. Makes up for the one he lost at Holliwell 2 weeks earlier.

Nice to see a report from Reculver. :)

It seems that lately most people have been fishing down towards Minnis bay. Personally I have never caught anything from Reculver but always thought it looked like a good place to go. Guess I have been fishing the wrong state of tide.

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