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Red gill, tuna

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Not really much of a report but we headed offshore for a late fish yesterday. As we got just offshore we came across a few seals feeding on fish, by sticking the gopro on a broken fishing rod we got some interesting video from beneath the surface.

We then headed out to the continental shelf about 30km offshore. The conditions were good for trolling lures with a nice little swell surging the boat up around 6-12 knots, Ive found fish often strike as the boat picks up speed from a wave pushing us. It doesnt look like theres much swell in the video which always seems to be the case when filming and when the swell is to big I find it to hard to film and drive etc.

There were some decent marlin being hooked up on a few boats 60km south of us but we were targeting yellowfin tuna which unfortunately didn't show. Chasing game species normally means lots of hours on the water to find the fish but unfortunately this was another almost fish-less trip. We did get 4 tiny dolphin fish and a small stripped tuna on a red gill, Ive caught so many species out here on the old red gills from my wrecking days. Im now down to my last few and can only seem to find the 178mm ones, do they still make the 200mm ones ? Fish caught on red gills include sailfish, yellowtail kingfish, tuna, snapper, tailor, salmon, bonito.

We stopped in 60m of water for a few fish for dinner on the way home, still a great day out even if the fish didn't to to play. Heading out again tomorrow before the weather turns bad again.

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Jon, don't despair to much about not having any red gills because I only have a few of the originals left and have been using Sidewinder eels to great effect in many parts of the World over the past couple of years. I have had Sailfish, Dorado, Bonito, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda, and even Groupers up to about 40lbs. The only downside is the toothy fish soon chew them up. I don't really mind as you normally catch a few fish before they get wrecked. If you got problems getting Sidewinders in Aus let me know and I would be able to get them for you. Tight lines, Billy Furnish.
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