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Help needed going out on a boat from whitby reef fishing we are using muppets for Cod how do you fish with them

Thanks P
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Normally you would have 2 or 3 muppets above a pirk. You simply lower to the bottom and keep lifting and lowering the rod until a fish or fishes take the pirk or muppets.
It is not a very sporting way to fish though and you will get backache and your arms will feel like they are dropping off within a couple of hours.
You would be best to fish a shad, jellyworm or redgill on a flying collar rig with a much lighter set up. It is far more fun and less tiring.
Do a search on here for flying collar rigs.
try posting in the northeast section theres loads there who fish from whitby that will be able to help you.
Depending on the speed of drift and depth of water you may manage with a 15-20 pound class rod fishing a couple of muppets or a single shad.
If it's a fast drift on the deeper marks you may need the 30 pound outfit to cope with the extra lead.
Best take a couple of outfits anyway - sometimes it's not the conditions that dictate how you fish but the other anglers. Use a technique that does not fit in with the others and tangles will result.
Most anglers will use braid mainline - again there are often problems where both braid and mono are being used.
Always use a rotten bottom to attach the lead - and take plenty of leads!
Don't let your lead drag on the bottom. Use a weight heavy enough to feel the bottom and when it touches down reel it up a foot or two. You have to be constantly feeling for the bottom and adjusting your depth. Loose concentration and you lose a weight.
Fishing shads on the lighter gear is much more fun - and you tend to loose less tackle. You will get fish coming well off the bottom to take the bait as you reel up.
On a slow days fishing a bit of bait to sweeten the muppet or shad helps.
If this is your first go at drift fishing keep you eye on the other anglers - sure someone will look like they know what they are doing.
Advice - keep a sense of humour when there are tangles.:)
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Help needed going out on a boat from whitby reef fishing we are using muppets for Cod how do you fish with them

Thanks P
This technique has been well described by the other anglers and it is a good method for simply filling a fish box, but as about as unsporting as angling can get. The fish are usually sub 10lb and are literally skull dragged to the surface.
Taking Pelamid's advice about what other anglers onboard are doing first, you would enjoy your trip so much more fishing with a shad or storm lure on a nice light rod. "Working for your fish" one at a time. You'll be surprised how well a 10lb cod can pull back with nicely balance tacke.

we are going out on a charter boat he is providing the tackle just wondered how to use them he said I could buy some jiggers and use them instead of muppets.

thanks for your replies
Jiggers may prove an expensive choice, especially as you have not tried this before. You may loose several during the day. If they cost a few pounds each that will spoil your day.
Anyway, listen to the skippers advice - but you don't have to take it.
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