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Reel Price help - Abu

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Popped into my local 'Cash Converter' today as you do and came accross an Abu multiplyer. Its an Abu Ambassaduer G500 CS Rocket. Its priced up at £30.00, and it seems in good nick. Whats the situation with these reels, are they any good? Worth £30 second hand?


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they aren't bad, £30 aint too bad either, if you get bored with the level wind easy to convert to ct.

Check the reel foot, get an idea of how old it is by the number on there, but probably not bad if you need/ want another reel
The G is a 6 mate as in 6500 CS Rocket probably only a few years old with a few tweeks it will cast as far as any ABU multiplier
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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