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Hi all

I currently use a fixed spool reel, i would like to purchase a multiplier, does anyone know any sites that explain in detail on how to use one, and maybe any videos?

Is there any point changing reels?
Which one is better?
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hi mate, i was in the same boat as u about a month back, i was able to get hold of a abu 6500 reel on the cheap so i did. It was pritty easy to get the hang of, but i think this is due to the mag brakes.

Ive know bought a daiwa sl2osh for use on the beach abd this is slightly harder to use, but iim getting there. It takes practice to lay the line on the reel correctly but i would recommend it, as my casting is allot better. BUt be warned if u'r cast isnt smooth u will get allot of problems.

hope this helps.

yeahthat helps mate thanks
Can i fix a multiplier reel to a normal rod?
I use a fixed spool and have a rod that fits on fine, am i having to change my rod if i purchase a multiplier?
i suppose u can use the same rod, not really sure.
Hi lads. it depends on what make it is . Some rods are made for fix spool , some are made for a multi and some for both . Usualy fix spool rods have five to six eyes ,which are all big in size. A multi rod has more eyes , around ten which go from medium to small in size and a rod for both would be between the two. this is because on a fix spool real the line comes off in big loops with the eyes facing down and on a multi it faces up so it needs more eyes to guide the line through the curve of the road . So if you put a multi on your rod ,run the line up ,tie the line to a heavy object and lift into it .if the line touches the rod you can eather add more eyes at these points or ask santa to get you one.hee hee hee hope this is some help p.s don't lift to hard you might snap your rod .
Thats A Good Question M8. But 2 B Honest I Av Got Multi Rods, But I Use Fixed Spool On Them As Well. Dai Is Right, It Depends On What Rods U Got, I Guess I Am Luky That My Rods Do The Trick For Both. But A M8 Of Mine Got 1 That Wont Cast A Fix Spool. Havent Seen Him In A While, So Cant Remember What Rod It Is. Have U Guys Started Using The New Chat Room Yet.
thanks dai and poacher, that helps.
What chat room is that?
The New Chat Room On This Forum Opened Last Night M8.
ive just been on it
no ones in there though, we need to entice people in there!!!
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