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Hi guys, decided i'd have go at Rest Bay today, only a 10 min walk from the lifeguard station.
Got there as the tide came in and tried my new 10ft spinning rod out in the surf, only the surf got me in the crotch as i was wearing thigh waders (LOL).
Damp bits for the rest of the time!:oops:
Also had my small 11ft caster with me and a sand spike which worked well, nothing in the surf or on the beachcaster.
The tide then forced me up onto some rocks so down to 1 rod, all quiet till about half an hour before high tide and had 1 hell of a bang on my rod, thought it was the weed that had been bothering me for a while, tighten up on the reel and the rod went berserk.
Reeled in and, guess what, a cracking 4.5lb bass, just about managed to land it and got a good soaking in the process but well worth it.:1a:
I used 2 hook blinged up flattie rig with, you won't believe this, 4/0 hooks and those Gulp rubber peeler crabs, just thought i'd try them out.
The fish was 21" long and, as i said, 4.5lb, measured and weighed there and then.
I went down specifically for bass and a great result.

Sorry about the pic quality, my old mobile again.
Fish slightly longer than my sand spike.

The bass are back, yippee.:bounce:


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Good evening sleepy1958,

Thank you for your interesting report and congratulations on the bass encounter. It was a standing joke back in the 70's etc amongst my bass fishing friends, that you were not entitled to call yourself a bass angler until you got your trousers wet or water sloshing around in your thigh boots. Chest waders were not part of the genuine bass anglers attire in those days, so if you ventured deep into the surf, the wet trousers were inevitable.

Best regards,

Ticker (Derek)
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