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Hello all,

Am amazed by what I read in these posts!! I grew up in Wallasey and fished Mersey 60s till mid 70s. How things have changed!!

Harrison Drive: Dabs and Flounders if you were lucky.
Perch Rock: Eels.
New Brighton Pier: Dabs and Whiting.
Vale Park: Eels. We used to catch them and release into pond in Vale Park. Sometimes it would be full of them and Park Staff used to go mad!!! :eek:).
Everywhere: Mersey Goldfish. :rolleyes:

Would seem that the water quality has improved enough for proper fishing nowadays.

Have lived in East Cumbria for the last 25 years but recently decided to try sea fishing again. Cumbrian Coast and S/W Scotland. Have bought myself and better half a couple of cheap beachcasting setups (She is a Nottingham lass so only has coarse fishing experience as a whippersnapper). If you see a couple of middle aged hooligans hurling 6oz leads in every direction but the sea over the next few months, please be gentle with us!!!

SteveT :)
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