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FIshed one of the many rock ledges there yesterday (Thursday), plenty of mackerel about, saw a small tope landed.
I managed 2 mackerel on light float gear less than 15' out. Biy, they don't half give a good fight on light gear, I felt like Rex Hunt with my rod bent with the fish fighting like hell.

Baits we took and tried:

Cuttlefish < Not a sniff
Squid <-- not a sniff
Live sandeel <-- one or two bites on the float
Mackerel <-- good bites on the float
Lugworm <-- Not a sniff
Ragworm <-- not a sniff

Tried bottom fishing <-- not a sniff

Float fishing <-- good fun with the mackies!

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Hi Phill
When you say you fished one of the rock marks at rossili roughly where where you. I don't get down there much and I'm not sure how to get down to the ledges.

love a bit of floating myself as you say very underrated style for the sea, like you ideas on pike floats, just inherited a load so i'll give them a go

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It is difficult to say the exact ledge but I will give it a go.

The ledge we were on was a good walk from the main car park, at this time of year during the day they charge £2.50. The ledge we were on was a ledge below a ledge. The ledge where we stored to bulk of the gear was above us on a ledge, this ledge has platforms either side of that ledge.

The best way I can describe the approach is that it is the second lege/path after that gorse type plants.

That is the best I can do, also, there is another smallish ledge just to the right of the ledge we were on.

I hope that helps :)

I am glad that you think the same way as me about float fishing, with mackerel on light, boy do they fight and bend the rod. I was using a Greys GRX Spin that is rated at 1/2oz to 1 1/2oz, great fun. I do own a few sets of feathers but I hate using them, I know that they have their place for quick and easy bait gathering, but, I do prefer the float for that as you never know what you might catch!
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