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Hi all
Sorry about the late report.
Decided to have a session on the in shore plaice sunday.
Early start from folkestone launched around 04.00 on the back of the tide armed with 8 score of frozen blacks
Couple of squid a few macks.
On board was myself and crew buddy Shane.
Sat in the harbour till first light making some plaice rigs up as that was the chosen speices.
After 8/0 hooks and whole cuttle things were quite fiddley hooks that looked like size 22 threding beads.

(felt like being back a nursery school)

I was first into the action with two casts and two nice dinner plate size plaice.
2-0 I told my crew buddy.
Then he started plaice after plaice 6-2
All i could find was pin whiting dogs.
A change of trace was called for, the old wish bone was called into action.
10-9 it ended
At the end of the day we ended the day with 19 plaice all about 1lb and 6 around 2lb.
Sorry no pics as i left my **** and phone in the car.
Tight lines

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well done ive not had chance to get out after the spots yet......
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