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Just got back from a first ever session on the adur. Fished 18.00 till 23.00 with high tide about 21.00. Used rag and maddies, and considering we had never fished it before, 3 eels and 5 flounder was a success. Lovely little venue, beats catching rockling! Nothing big, but the rod tips kept rattling.
Fished using flattie fanatic and a century sre, both armed with shimano ultegra with 30lb braid straight through ( no power casting required) and 3 hook flappers armed with size 4 kamasan b940 match hooks.
The only down side was the fishing line left from a previous angler. When will these people learn to throw their rubbish in a bin? For @#@# sake!
Big thanks to the two guys on here who pm'd me with advice.
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