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What a glorious drop of weather we are getting.Friday saw us a long way offshore and the Roker fishing was excellent,fish coming steady all day.Whiting,Dogfish and small codling kept the rods nodding.....Today,Sunday turned out to be a disaster,we went only about 20 mile off and the fishing was terrible.2 Roker some whiting,small Codling and hordes of dogfish.I got sunburnt so not too bad!The fish seem either to be in close or a long way off.The middle deeps,East Barrow and the swin seem to be a week or 2 behind.I thought as we had a heap of peeler crab,the Smoothounds maybe around but seems they are not there yet.We will be off again tomorrow but well offshore to the Sunk head or Black deeps so I will report again tomorrow at some time and let you all know how we get on.

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