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Sorry guys been away the weekend and never had time to put the report on before I went.Anyway,Griff and myself ventured out on Thursday to look for a few Codling before they dissapear until the dreaded winter months again.The weather was overcast,flatcalm and drizzling.The tide was not particularly big and not exactly ideal for fishing the Wallet.
We got there around high water and was straight away into fish,not codling but the roker were playing.
We had a few then decided on a move to deeper water,this proved a wasted move and I decided to move again but into the shallower water and again we found a few roker.Not big,the biggest of 10lb 5oz falling to Griff.Was a busy day fishing overall with bites more or less all day with small Codling,Whiting,Pouting and the ever reliable roker.
Turned into an interesting day with 'Island Hopper''misbehaving and throwing a belt and us needing a tow into the marina where repairs were taken care of and she is now ready to play again!
Lets hope the wind dies away for Easter and serious fishing can take place.
If I can get hold of some Crabs then I intend to look for some Hounds as something tells me they are there and waiting to play!



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Good report as ever Ron. Are you using Herring as bait? Those roker are everywhere!
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