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Fished the Swale today at low water. Was hardly no wind and the sun was beaming. Fished on the jeti as havent fished here in years and was really good for flounders and eels many years ago.
Started off slow for an hour then started getting bites. Got 4 bass the biggest about 2 pound the other 3 about a pound.
After this i had a cracking bite, struck into it and knew i had somthing half decent, managed to get it right up to the jeti and could see it was a nice bass as was jumping about in the water, it kept pulling away at the line and eventually got free (gutted) so it will live to fight another day.
Had a few more bites after this but didnt connect.
All in all not a bad day, just a shame the flounders and eels dont seem to be there no more, just mostly bass.
Got burnt to a crisp as well so will pay for that later tonight when i cant get to sleep.!!
May pop down tomo for a few hours if the weather is ok.

not too bad a sesh mate.i was enjoying life at work whilst u was out there:yucky: i remember them days son.that jeti was one of the best places around here for flounder' more day at work for me though this week then were off up to anglesey,lovely jubley!!:clap2:
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