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Riverside Discovery 26-09-2010

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After blanking at the sick kids comp i thought i would go down riverside with the bait i had left.Fished 21:30 to 02:00,bait lug,herring,mackie,squid,sandeel.Tide was heading out water was calm,clear sky a bit chilly.
I thought i'm bound to get a fish of some description and i wasn't dissapointed Straight of hit a codling then a decent size eel another cod then a flounder another couple of codling and finally another flounder.The codling were not exactly big but fish all the same.All caught on the lug and mackie.My total catch for short sesh cod 5,flounder 2,eel 1.

One of my few codling.

My eel a decent size even if i do say so myself.

One of the 2 flounder i managed to catch.

The biggest cod of the night.

All in all not a bad we sesh why couldn't i have done that at comp.
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Braw wee catch mate well done
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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