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Riverside Drive Dundee
Weather:Very Windy
Bait:Mackerel ,Lugworm , Ragworm
Fish Caught:6

Arrived at wall late Brian was already there waiting.Was supposed to go to Arbroath area but had things to do.
Around 20 mins into the session brian got a good bite he reeled in a sea trout

around 3.5lb.15 mins later i reeled in a 3lb sea trout.

10 mins later brian had a postage stamp size flounder and i had a cracker of a bite started to reel in but taking line 10 mins later fish broke surface it was not a trout look like a bass never seen any down this far before or that big but it broke free at wall must have been around double figures.
Everything went quiet apart from the howling wind then i caught a small flounder.then 4 mins later i had a smaller sea trout which was returned. Last fish was a dab for me not bad for a that type of day.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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