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Riverside Drive Dundee
Weather: Sunny , Mod wind
Bait: Herring , Lures
Fish Caught: 4

Arrived at wall after a mad dash from work as i promised Brian i'll be there, When i got there Brian was not there.
Casted out loads of weed coming down loose stuff tide was running fast after 30 mins not a fish then Brian appeared i thought great some worms or peelers then it came " its a long story " told him to f**k off as he always late git was in the bookies.
He also brought a m8 called Brian well Brian 2 casted out and on first cast caught a small flounder

,by this time tide was slowing down and bites were coming in.
I finally caught my first flounder average size

still getting bites and weed .
I caught my 2nd flounder a good size things slowed at high water so started to spin with a lure when thump went my spinning rod a 1lb sea trout i was well pleased Brian look fed up well he should have got bait then.
At the end of the session Brian Blanked not a bad 2 hrs
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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