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Riverside drive Dundee
Fish Caught:13

Arrived at wall Brian FISHING THERE ALREADY nearly had a heart attack first time ever.
Tackled up the Brian "fish paste from wsf forum" turned up with his son Matthew.
I caught the first a flounder,3 mins later Brian”1” had a good bite a plastic bag came in HAHAHA.
Matthew was next with a small codling.

Brian caught a Sea Trout 5 mins later followed by a second 5 mins later.

Matthew continued to catch a small coalie , 3 flounders,his dad Brian”2” caught a flounder as did i my second.
Brian caught a small coalie

and 2 flounders, not a bad session now more fishing as i am payed off from monday.

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A great day was had by all.

Thanks for the help and herring strips sultzer. :D

The gauntlet has been thrown down and it's now father versus son.

What a rubber ear I had by the end of the night with all the bending about only cathing 1 fish to Matthews 5.

Brian (2)
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