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Is it a 3 bearded or Shore Rockling ... Help !

  • Shore Rockling

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  • Three bearded Rockling

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We are having a bit of a fun species hunt and I have claimed a 5 bearded Rockling, no I.D. problem there.

I have also claimed a 3 bearded Rockling as well,but now the debate begins :) I reckon that it is a young 3 beard and an experienced mate believes its a shore Rockling.

What do you think ?

In my defence :nerd: I have had shore Rockling before and they always had dark green/brown plain flanks, dark fins and a rounder head.

Where as this had a flatter head, which is not that obvious in the photo and also orange fins and the Leopard spots, which as far as I know are uni - que to the 3 bearded variety or

Am a wrong, wrong, wrong, in which case I'm going to have to eat a lot of humble pie :cry:

Check it out

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To me it is a shore rockling, the coloration is mainly brown, whilst the three bearded is much more colourful, and has bloched markings, and the mouth does not extend beyond the eye as it does with the three bearded.
On second thoughts, the jury is out on this one. if it is a shore rockling, it is a big one. pity not a clear view of the head/mouth as that can easily seperate them, as the 3 bearded's mouth extends well back beyonrd the mouth. where on the shore one it it only just reaches the rear of the eye.

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In my opinion the mottled one, the first, is the 3 bearded, shore rockling are coloured like the second example if it had 3 beards only then it was most likely a shore rockling
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