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hi all

got a question for you ,can i use car lacquer [clear top coat ] on rods and can i use a fine wet /dry sand block to remove the old coating from the rod .

any help appreciated



Yep and yep to both. Could be easier to remove the majority of the existing coating with a sharp stanley blade held vertical but dragged backwards so it cant dig in.

Then move to 600 -800 -1200 -1600 gauge wet and dry. Clean off well with meths two or three times until no further residue is left on the cloths (new ones each clean, old T shirt or similar)

Dont touch the blank by hand after cleaning and give it your spray while turning. Let dry for at least 24 hrs, another fine grade wipe to matt and dull it again then your top coat. Problem is you really should`nt work on the top coat for at least five six days after that to allow it to cure.

It gives you a nice looking finish but not all that durable, is fine for low scuff risk rods such as fly but for saltwater there is a much quicker and much, much more durable coating which needs no mixing, goes on with a cloth, dries touch dry in 15 mins, re-coat in 12 and build over next day, bombproof. :secret: :secret: :secret: :secret: :secret: :secret: :secret:

PM and if you ask nice I`ll tell you :bleh:
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