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<font color='#000000'>Hello

I&#39;m new to fishing and as I live in Cornwall I would like to try rock fishing.
I will be fishing for mackerel using 3 to 4 feathered/or shrimp type lures with a 2 to 3 oz weight on the end, and also spinning for mackerel,pollack and maybe bass with a 1oz Abu Toby type spoon?
It has been sujested to me that a Bass rod would fit the bill.
My question is:
Will a Shakespeare Odessa Bass Rod(cast weight 2-4oz)lift 4 mackerel on a trace straight out of the sea say 10 feet up a rock face?(when rock fishing).
Could a beachcaster(cast weight 4-6oz)be used to cast 1oz spoons/spinners?If not,then why not?
Sorry if these seem like stupid questions but I am a complete novice and don&#39;t want to buy the wrong rod
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