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i chose reculver over gravesend today poor fishing i suppose the gales had a bearing on things.but the rubbish was awfull im not blaming anglers by
the way.the people camped out in the ruins,chucking rubbish over the wall,followed by the smouldering metal dustbin on to the rocks.YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED HAVE YOU NO RESPECT.guessing by the amonut of people there today on a very windy cold day it is a very popular place.remove your rubbish fishing or not.when i got back to my car tourists where being given a tour ot the ruins i just hoped they were short sighted.rant over.anglers are not soley to blame.

Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iwill happily confront a person leaving litter on a beach............

Angling gets enough stick from other organisations,without non-anglers leaving litter about for us to get the blame for !!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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