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fished rustington beach nr the shelter,from 12pm to 1.30.
two rods out one baited with fresh peeler,and squid,the other with rag and squid absolutely not a touch on both which I find a little strange as I normaly get a few bites at least,there were a line of nets along the beach but they were roughly 4,500 mtrs out, probably whelk pots.spoke to a mate of mine who does kayaking,and he was out yesterday about 400mtrs out,and he had nothing either this is getting a bit frustrating cant be just me can it? lol.
no fish about realy strainge I used to start catching around early march,schoolies,doggies a few small flats,but I think its all changed don't know why realy.
end of report.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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