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thinking about trying some of these megabass spindle lures. they do a mineral version which is salt impregnated. i am a little confused tho, can anyone help please:

- they seem quite heavy (compared to say fiiish BM) so do they sink without additional weight

- Mr Fish suggest some Xorus jig heads but they look heavy to me for shore fishing. do i need heavier jigs due to the saltwater impregnation?

- whats the merit of saltwater impregnated lures over 'normal' ones?

- i have read different things about storage, like they have to be dried after use. not sure whats myth and whats true here?

thanks for any help, as always greatfully received

Matt salt is put into the 'mix' to basically make the soft plastic lure a bit heavier to give a faster sink rate.

Always use the lightest jig head that you can or,,,,,even better don't use one at all.

Why not rig them Texas style and use a cone head and a small stopper or if you can just rely on the natural weight of the lure it's self.
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