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As Meanstreak said yesterday it was going to be a struggle,i agreed but hey lets give it a go thout i would get there early fish
fish the top tide all the way down and start of flood got started about 6 45am first cast a tiny bite left it bite kept going
so decieded to have it in ,came in hard as hell loads of weed thought i but know 3 sets of gear all good last nights
and a green postage stamp excuse for a dab ,nothing else till 3hrs into the ebb then a rattle on rod 2 at last a good
dab 28 good chunky sort ,soon after 2nd rod again another good dab28 again near as dam it ,horay rod 1 wake up
another dab again 28ish 3 more smaller dabs followed packed up 3 45 .very little colour in the water a bit off
weed,nothing to bad ,main thing i enjoyed it
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