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First match this Sat 14th March, Masonic, 6pm - 11pm , booking on in Masonic car park from 4pm - 5pm

I would like to thank the following for their continued sponsorship of our league for this yr.

Samalite , prizes for top ten in league
Weymouth Angling Centre, Heaviest round fish
Anyfish Anywhere, Heaviest flattie
Chesil Bait & Tackle, most species.

We need to get a list of names started for number of pegs to put out so the following are last yrs league members plus recent names that have messaged me. Please check the list, if your name is not on it and you want to fish or if your name is there and you cant make it send me a pm, Dave, please text your name to 07977132951 to reserve a peg. Cheers.

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Last night Result:-
14th March.
Not the best of starts for this years league , strong westerly winds and a bit of corona virus thrown in to put a few off from taking part.
The sea was quite rough like it has been for a few months now but there was a nice high ridge to fish off which helped keep the line clear of the surf.
Fishing was very poor with some not even getting a bite ! Never known blanks in the middle of March , it was more like an early February match.
Species caught included, Pout,dogfish, cod, thornback, conger.
1ST, Ian Dancey, 6lb 5oz, 1 thornback, 1 dogfish, 1 pout.
2ND, James Madsen, 2lb 14oz , 2 dogfish.
3RD, Dave Chidzoy, 1lb 10oz, 1 dogfish, 1 pout.
4TH, Russell Preston, 4oz, 1 pout.
1ST, Ben Bradstock, 14lb 15oz, 1 conger,1 cod, 1 dogfish, 3 pout.
2ND, Mike Taylor, 5lb, 1 pout, 1 dogfish, 1 cod.
3RD, Dave Lane, 3lb 9oz, 3 pout, 2 dogfish.
4TH, Nick Snow, 2lb 3oz, 1 cod.
A ZONE, Thornback 5lb, Ian Dancey
B ZONE , Conger, 7lb 5oz , Ben Bradstock.
Next match, 25th April , Bexington, 5pm - 10pm. Hoping to see some Plaice on this one if the wind eases off !
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