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just spent 4 hours on Samphire Hoe.
Arrived at 16:30 and after paying for parking (£2) and fishing permit (£2.50?) I set camp 200 yards towards Folkestone side at a location i used before. Last time i was lucky and didn't lost tackle. This time i lost 4 rigs.
As bait: fresh lug and rag
Almost nobody fishing, just some asian (korean?) guys at far end towards Folkestone
Weather was nice, sunny, blue sky but the wind was quite strong and very cold
15 minutes after I started I landed this feisty one:
it took the hook with lug (i thought they prefer rag, but not this evening)
Another 30 minutes and i landed my first ever cod(ling):
the tool is 13cm long...
After that it got quiet.
In another hour the Koreans left and preempted my questions with "no comment". None of them was looking happy
The only party interested in me fishing was a family of ducks. It was flying around for 5 minutes and landed just 10 yards from me.
did not seem to care too much when i got close to take the picture.
Now the odd part comes.
With the dusk i see a guy approaching. Was coming from the Folkestone end with 2 pieces of luggage. Stopped and i thought he was a fellow fishermen, but no. He was interested if i can help him to get to Folkestone to take the train to France. Speaking with french accent and mixing English with french words. I tried to ask him where is he coming from and how it ended in that place, but i think he had selective understanding of my english. Is not my native language but he kept saying about going to Folkestone to take the Eurostar. Tried to tell him about Dover by ferry and about Eurostar station is in Ashford, but no. Kept telling me about Folkestone. All i could do is to point were the car park was, maybe he could find help there.
It was a bit surreal. 8:00 PM. Cold like hell. A scruffy looking guy, wearing flip-flops, coming from nowhere (if you've been to Samphire Hoe, you know what i mean)
I've heard stories about the spooky moments at Dungeness. Maybe the Hoe has them too. Only this is a bit more real, i managed to take a picture:
The guy left towards the (only) exit/entry of the site.

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10 minutes later, another wrasse. Brilliant colour:
it looks like it was swimming in blue ink :)
it made me forget about the french guy
another 10 minutes and this "beauty":
IMG_20140419_200612.jpg IMG_20140419_200707.jpg

after this i could not stand the cold and I packed.
I looked for the french guy to give him a lift but somehow disappeared.
Hopefully he found somebody to help him


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Good report Mariusro. The fish there can be very pretty compared with the usual silver grey from everywhere else. I bit of a bugger for the fellah with the cases on wheels wasn't it. No doubt he has sorted himself out and is now receiving the full whack of state benefits!
As for the Koreans, were they carrying a bucket full of minnows?
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