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Finally, after about 2 months of not being able to go fishing because of work, I got out on friday for a couple hrs, so decided as the weather was beautiful, the hoe would be given a go.
picked up some excellent rag from brazils, spinning rod in car and set off.

Arrived just after low, and the fishing was slow, just the small wrasse, and the shoals of gars ptrolling along the wall, which i couldnt catch no matter what I tried. Ledgering with rag produced a fine pollack of about 3lb, which fought like the devil on light tackle.:yeah:

Then I got round to spinning, and the secnd cast induced a bass to follow, which looked about 2 1/2ft long all the way to the wall, then dive back down with a departing v sign from his fins:yucky: .

all in a a very productive few hours, and a good way to start the summer.
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