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just a quickie, are there any parts of samphire that are not as snaggy as the area if front of the path? and also what species does the warren throw up apart from from little scrotes that break into your van?:g:

Here are some tips from blue circle fishing club..

Good for codling at Folkestone end during calm weather in February
Best fished at low water or last two hours of flood
Open all night on Saturday
Expect flounders, Rockling, pouting, dabs and small whiting in March (but hope for codling!)
Take a trolley to lug all your gear on
This is a rock venue so be prepared to lose tackle i.e. take a load of leads, hooks and shockleader with you!
The ends are believed to be the best pegs
Folkestone end is the rockier end
The least snaggy area is the the 50 - 60 peg section
There is a steep rock edge at about 70m out which gets most tackle
The rocks have been filled with tide moved shingle to make the venue slightly less tackle hungry lately
Use heavy line (try some 50lb braid), a fast retrieve reel (fixed spools are good in that department or a Daiwa SL20SH) and a weak link system on the bottom of one hook traces if fishing on the bottom
Float fish or fish with booms down the side of the wall for wrassse, pollack, bass, mackerel, garfish, poor cod and pout when in season.
Pouting, codling and dogfish are caught when fishing out farther.
Ragworm good in summer.
Take the mackerel feathers for a high tide in summer but retrieve them quickly to prevent them sinking and catching a rock or two instead of fish.
Whole squid or live small mackerel or pout take the biggest bass in mid summer
Lug tipped with squid good in winter.
Lug tipped with fish works well.
Codling take peeler crab when they (and you) can get it!
Frozen peeler works as well .
Study of match results indicate pegs 35, 147 and 195 have been productive in the past
Be careful not to rub your line against the wall!
Take a drop net to haul up that big one 30' above the water at low tide.
The tide floods from left to right.
Trot out a float with a 6-10' drop in the tide run to cover a big fishing area.

As for Folkestone warren, no idea as I have never fished there, but you might want to have a look on here for pictures etc.

Hope this helps.


ps. we fished the hoe last year about 100 yards to the left of the path down and only lost one set of gear, and that was due to my partner cracking off..

It is one venue (wind permitting) that float fishing is actually good at.

Also less chance of losing your gear if float fishing. I have seen someone catch a gar on a float down there and it was almost like watching big game fishing lol.

Another thing you can do is find some old spark plugs, nuts, stones with holes in etc and use them as weights on a weak link.
I used a 3 way swivel (with 12lb line to the weight from the swivel) and 20lb hook snood with 25lb mainline. Very simple setup and so long as you don't try casting out far with it, you will be surprised how effective it is. I was just flicking it out no more than 20 yards and had a bite every cast although only caught a few wrasse.

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i only fish that venue with booms, a carp rod and a spark plug down the wall. and sometimes floatfishing. the pollock and bass are down the wall anyway and all you loose is a spark plug each time.

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The wife & I fished the Hoe last Sunday. Action was very slow & we only cauht two fish. None of the other anglers present caught much either.

Compared to last year, I didn't think it was as snaggy. We fished far down to the Folestone end by the kink, & only lost the one rig that I blasted out beyond the 70m rocks. Mind you I was using rotten bottoms & lost an awfull lot of lead !

If you go, I hope you have better luck

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i found that any kind of wind down there is the kiss of death, the flatter the water is the better.....we fished it a couple of weeks back and only had a few pou and dogs plus a nice 2 lb pollack but I spoke to the guy in the cafe on monday and he said that when we had a few days settled weather then pollack, bass,m wrasse and even a few mackerel were coming out....i wouldn't even bother to fish it this week or until we've had at least 2-3 days of little or no wind
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