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Sandwich Bay 11th / 12th September

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I hadn't been fishing since a mackerel session on Southend Pier on 2nd August when I caught...nothing - have had a nasty chest infection since then - and was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms!

Kept looking at the weather reports all last week and couldn't make up my mind whether to go and if so where - lots of wind and rain forcast!


Now I'm not a fair weather fisherman, and it can rain all it likes after I have set up, but I do like to set up in the dry - exactly the same when I'm carp fishing! (Forgive me for swearing).

Looked at XCWeather (for the hundreth time) early Saturday morning and it looked better - winds reducing to 12 / 14 Saturday night / Sunday morning, SW, WSW, etc, and very little rain.

So that was it. Decision made. Over to a certain shop on Canvey Island to get some fresh and frozen bait plus some additional leads and then to Asda for some food for me.

HT was about 2.30 ish Sunday morning but since there was a little rain on the cards late Saturday night, and I also like setting up when its light, I decided to leave at 5 pm to get there for 7 pm or thereabouts.

Just before I set off I checked the weather yet again - what's happened I cried. Actually I let out a string of four letter words but Geordi Si and the other mods wouldn't approve so use your imagination!


More rain forcast than previously and over a longer period! Still, I had the bait and my sandwiches - not forgetting a shelter - so off I jolly well went.

En route it absolutely hammered down whilst I was on the motorway and I wondered whether a quick about turn was called for. But no, a plan is a plan - and they don't approve of "U" turns on a motorway anyway - so onwards I drove.

Arrived just gone 7 pm and parked in the "layby" near the gate / track at the back of the big house (next door to the Yacht Club).

Loaded up and walked - well stumbled really - to the beach feeling like a pack mule, to discover that the tide was still on the ebb and that the beach was absolutely deserted.

Set up at my leisure - whilst still light - about 100 yards to the right of the slip way. Had problems with the petrol lantern - gave up with the battery lantern after it got slightly damp one night and then worked only intermitently - but once I remembered how to operate it there was no stopping me (or it). Memo to self - take the ruddy instructions with you next time.

Rods in the water by about 8.30 pm - distance (if you can call it that!)rod with a pulley pennel rig and size 4/0's and the close in rod with a good old fashioned Wessex Rig (thanks to Southend Skynyard for reminding me about these) with size 2's.

Had frozen peeler crab on the distance rod (well actually they had melted by the time I started fishing despite being in a small bait box with 2 ice blocks) and fresh lug / rag on the close in rod - rag on the top hook and lug on the bottom one.

Had a slight rain shower that lasted all of about 10 minutes followed, a little later, by a much heavier shower that lasted about 2 hours but stopped by about 11.15 pm. To be honest I was in the dry inside my shelter and didn't really bother too much with the fishing during this time...but did eat my sandwiches, well cornsih pasty, scotch egg and a pork pie actually.

Saw some headlights in the distance that were gradually getting closer and wondered whether someone was laying a long line on the exposed sand but no, it was a cuople of guys (I assume both were guys) who appeared to be pumping lug evry so often ass they walked along.

Anyone in here?

Although I had a couple of bites :fishing1: on each rod during the heavier rain, I didn't actually connect with anything until about 11.55 pm when I caught a pin ting of about 4 inches on the close in rod - surprising oood bite for such a tidler!

Got few more bites on the distance rod but did not connect with anything. Tried frozen peeler - no, I won't make the same comment as before - frozen black lug, and squid.

In so far as the close in rod is concerned, - I notched up about half a dozen pin ting, about half a dozen "proper" whiting that were keepers (although I didn't) and a dog fish (that likewise went back).


Bit of a tide pull at high water - had trouble holding with 170 gr breakouts - but happily no other problems, including very little weed about.

Well I didn't blank and aftet it stopped raining, it was actually quite a pleasant night.

Really looking forward to my next outing which - weather permittting - is an all night boat trip on Emma Louise out of Wallasea skippered by Mick on 28th / 29th September. My brother in law - you know, the lucky one - will be attending.

Cheers m'dears.

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