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saturdays breakwater

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Hi all,
had a slow day out on the breakwater, got better towards high water, ended up with 12 doggies a small codling of bout a pound and a pouting that weighed just 2 pounds! see piccie! my poor old dad had a single whiting. used yellows, blacks, squid n sandeel. not bad in the end.
however, and i i apologise for sounding blunt and a bit annoyed here, if the two lads are reading this who fished next to me, please learn to fish properly on there, there is no need to pendulum/distance cast off the outside wall there, the more line in the water the more pressure from the tide, you cut through my old mans line twice and dragged him into god knows how many snags. you had the right weights lads but totally wrong wire configuration for that tide out there. i showed one of you how to have the short anchor type wires, but you chose to ignore it. those big springy things are no use and just tumble over n over in the tide. my dad n i were fishing straight in front of us using those gemini 8oz weights with the short anchor wires and can in any tide. the idea of them is to pull the weight into the seabed. big springy wires dont even allow the weight to sit on the bottom. I really am sorry for sounding miffed but as those who know me, i am a lovely bloke really! ;) , no hard feelings lads. :hug: :)

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can i point out a couple of things here:
1. we, myself and my mate gaz were the 'lads' in question.
2. i have fished the breakwater many times - i think i know what im doing. I've been fishing for an amount of years, i'm always learning. perhaps you should practice what you preach??
3. I definately wasnt pendulum casting - i dont know how to its something. a swing is not a pendulum. Distance casting with a 210g lead, with fixed wires, 70lb shockleader, 20lb line, mags screwed down is not possible. we were hitting 60yards tops.
4. We were tight against the wall, (wall to our left) the tide runs left to right and therefore we were letting large bows of line out after our cast. - because you chose to fish where you did you kept casting ito them bows tripping our leads.
5. i doubt very much that we cut throught you dads line, i have seen that happen with braid not with 20lb mono -but if we did i sincerely apologise, but you imply that we did that on purpose.
6. you and your dad actually moved closer to us for some reason half way though the day.

i dont know why you didnt just come and speak to us about it rather than ranting off on a forum??
i actually had a half decent day until i got home and read this nonesense. Nice bloke or not i dont care, your attitude on here stinks, especially when you knew who them 'lads' were cos you spoke to me.
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