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saunton rocks

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Hi it looks like I've got tomorrow afternoon off work and since its in Barnstaple I fort id take the rods and try the above mark but dont no what kind of tide u need there and if id be wasting my time cheers for any help
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Neap tide if you wanna stay on there mate, which it is tomorrow (7.0m, v small) but high is 3.50pm, might be too early, depending on when you can get down there?

Fishing wise, I'd expect it to be pretty slow. You MIGHT pick up a late codling to crab, the odd dog and always a chance of a bass (crab again probably a good choice). My gut feeling is it's a tad early, but never say never.

A few rays come off there, but never seen one in daylight, although with the fairly dirty water its possible, I suppose. Would advise sandeel for them.

I dont know what the forecast is for tomorrow, but as long as there's no big swell down there it'll be fishable. If you get there and the waves are crashing in, I wouldnt bother - it's just too shallow to fish properly when there's a big surf running.
But as far as I know, should be ok tomorrow?

Worth a go? I wouldnt expect too much, but that applies everywhere here at the mo, especially in daylight.
If you havent fished it before, it's a good idea to try daylight first anyway, to suss it out a bit.

The rocks are a bit jagged and awkward, and the black parts are slippy when wet, but I wouldnt say it's a deadly dangerous mark, just gotta be careful where you put your feet and think about what you're doing - then again, that could/should apply to anywhere, of course!
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Wheres the best place to park is it in one of the lay by at the top
Yep, second layby you come to as you drive from the Braunton direction. Corner of the layby, over the gate, down the field, down the muddy slope (with rope), out over the rocks.
When you get to the bottom, its easier to walk left along the gully first, then cut across the rocks to the right until you come to a big rock pool on the edge of the ledges. Its pretty obvious once you're down there.
Where you fish at high is almost directly opposite where you climb down at the bottom of the slope, but they're quite awkward transverse rocks, so I find it easier to cut across then back rather than climb straight out.

But you'll see easily enough when you're there - I've probably made it sound more complicated than it is, lol...
Cheers mr fish alway there with helpful info
No worries mate! Let us know how you get on?

Wish I wasnt working, lol...
Bit gutted didnt get away from work till alot later than I was hoping so didnt make it out to the rocks but cant wait to get out again cheers for all the help anyway chaps
Buggrit! The best laid plans...

Did you get out at all? I guess not? Better luck next time though!

Still, I doubt you would've missed much at Saunton today, fishwise anyway, you still would've got out of course!
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