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Balleeko here letting you know how the fishing was at the weekend. Well what can I say it was amazing!!! Went out Friday night for an hour and caught between three of us on the boat 25 cod to 5lb and 13 mackys - so the mackys are back!! Went again saturday and had 1 cod to 4lb 10, 15 whiting, 1 red gunyard, 1 flounder, 3 mackys, 1 small ling and a weaver fish (2 new species to my boat there!!)

Went out again Sunday up to burniston and hit the shoal cod again!!! Took 13 cod to 6lb and threw at least a dozen small ones back. Had a few mackys today 2 I think and still getting quite a lot of small whiting to about three quaters of a pound.

I was speaking to the skipper of the 'Skylark' who runs charter fishing trips from Scarborough and he had 26 cod and 38 pollack to 5lb on Sunday on a two hour trip fising just off North bay.

Well theres Scarborough most recent fishing report and what can I say apart from 'All's good'!!

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