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A few questions you need to ask yourself doogle

Are you looking to fish boat or shore?
Do you have a fixed route you will be taking (eg via Edinburgh or Glasgow and then A9 after Perth (inland route) or A90 via Dundee and Aberdeen)?
What month will you be travelling?
What equipment will you be taking?

East coast of Scotland where I live is more known for winter fishing, but summer sport is small resident coldling, pollock to lures, dabs and flounder, mackeral in August etc etc.

West coast of Scotland can be very varied, and you can start from Dumfies and Galloway and fish all the way up seeing some beautiful scenery along the way.

Elgin is on the moray firth, which is not known for its sea fishing too much, but if you are there then head further east for the rock marks at places like Portnockie, Portsoy (and many others) where you should find Pollock, Wrasse and any other rock dwellers.

You have given yourself such a huge area to play with, it is only restricted by how many days you wish to spend travelling up Scotland and fishing.

You can choose to follow either East or West coast. East coast is more practical for driving, but I think West is probably better for summer fishing. West coast should give you doggies, spur dogs, thornbacks, mackeral, pollock, haddock (if your lucky) and several others (water is a few degrees warmer on the west, so different species are common).

A spinning rod with some lures (I use a lot of jellies) is a must for the pollock and such other predator species.

East coast bait fishing from rocks should be based with peeler crab and lug, and that will tempt the small resident codling of maybe 3-4lb max. More readily available mackeral/squid baits will get a few flatties and coalfish.

On the west coast, the fish based baits will probably be more successful due to the species caught there.

Hopefully - someone with good west coast experiece will add to this post.
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