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Hi all..

Ive been in touch with Dave Lewis(aka Sea Angler fame)

Im looking for about 25-30 Members to break out there Bass rods And come down to Llangenith Beach to go after the Goldern Grey Mullet and Bass..

Some have you may have seen the episode of "Wet Nets" with Matt Hayes and Mick Brown,Dave took them down to Llangenith in the second have of that episode with some cracking results..They actually landed a load of goldern greys that day!..

The date is Set for Saturday August the 18th...
1a)meeting for breakfast in JJ's Cafe in Pencloud? for 11am(spelling)
1b)Go to get baits from country stores..
2)Get down the beach for 12pm to fish the last few hours of the Ebb
3)Fish the Flood and fingers crossed for a good day out!!..

Dave Lewis will be on hand to answer questions/give helpful tips and to Take pics for Sea a big Grin is essential!..

If you own WSF clothing etc..make sure you got it on!..Promote the website!!


I have been informed that THE bait is Maddies..Make sure you got AT LEAST can preorder from Country Stores,which we will call into on the way to the beach after can also take razorfish/sandeel if you want..BUT Maddies is the best for the Mullet and the odd bass!..

Basic 2 Hook Paternosters made with Clear flourocarbon,made with small swivels..(No Booms)
Size 2 or 4 Hooks (Mustad 3261BLM)
1-4oz Plain leads(Bombs) depending on condition
2-4oz bass rod(if you havent got one A light beachcaster)
6000 sized reel loaded with 12lb line.

As i looking for 15-20 Members..

Myself,Big Dee,Rockling,Paid4 have already put our names down...

If your here and let me know!!..

We should be in for a cracking summers day on the beach!!..

Thanks to Dave Lewis for allowing me to set this up!..


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il be up for it (work allowing), always fished for bass and GGmullet, after last years one i had 2oz off the welsh record and then a month later a 5lb 2oz bass both of pendine, with simaliar condtions

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Yes plesae Marcus. I'll have some of that

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what day is it on.could come down to this and stay at my bro's for a few days.have'nt got a bass rod but got a couple of carp,feeder and barbel rods,so i'm sure some of those would work:)

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Hey Marcus,

I hear Dave has invited his mate John Wilson along for the day. That should be interesting. Put my name down.

Watch out for Dave Lewis - he's got a terrible of habit of repeating himself, saying ' oh bugger me look, I've caught another one' - gets on your tits after a while.

If you're going - make sure to wear your sunglasses - it's to protect your eyes from the flashbulbs.

Best bait for the Goldies is definitely Maddies, big bunches of them, tied to the hook with thick elastic.

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