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<font color='#000000'>Hi Richard,

In answer to your question on how to catch Sea Bream from a wreck in the Channel.

I, like your self, spend most of my boat fishing outings in mid channel. The method I use, and which I find very productive, may differ from other methods used by other anglers, however here goes.

My favourite rod is a 12 - 30 Diawa TDXB coupled with an Abu 7500 C3 reel. The line is Berkley 65lb whiplash with a 40lb clear Drennan Greased Weasel leader. This is connected to a zip slider with the clip removed followed by a bead and a Gemini Swivel n Link. With a set up as this I can change my fishing methods quickly and efficiently without wasting time.

The reason I use 65lb Whiplash is that if a get snagged up, I can normally pull my braid clear using a gloved hand. You might want to use a lighter braid, however the choice is entirely yours.

I use 2 methods depending on conditions, I either ledger or use a running paternoster. When ledgering, my trace is about 2ft 6ins long of 30lb clear Amnesia, I attach a swivel to one end, 6ins from the swivel, a snood of 12in. 20lb Amnesia attached to a size 1/0 hook (no bigger). Then another snood, the same as the first one 6ins up from the bottom. My weight is attached to the bottom, once again using a link clip; this enables me to change weights as and when required.

When I use a paternoster, I re-attach the clip to the zip slider, attach my weight to this and a 4ft length of 30lb Amnesia  using once again a swivel at one end and a 1/0 hook at the other. On occasions I attach a 1ft. long snood to the trace about 1ft from the swivel.

My bait is normally 2in. long thin strips of Squid passed through the hook twice, sometimes tipped off with a small piece of Mackerel. This is all down to trial and error. After all, this is what fishing is all about&#33; Trying different methods to outwit the fish.

No matter what method I use, when I detect a bite, I always lift and lower my rod quite a few times whilst at the same time slowly winding in my reel. In my little mind I just hope that the fish will think that it might just loose an easy morsel and take a large bite. These methods  work for me, I have no doubt that other members of the Forum will have different ways and means of catching Bream and that they will inform you of them in due course.

If I was only targeting Black Bream and nothing else, I would use a lighter rod and reduce my other tackle accordingly. However my Diawa has done every job asked of it and more. Black Bream are a lovely fish to catch and in my opinion, using the lightest of tackle gives a battle beyond all others.

I hope that this makes sense.


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