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Sea defence wall/causeway off ramsy island

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Hi all, i was wondering if the sea defence/causeway off ramsy island (the long rock path thing, colour is black) is any good for fishing, dont realy see alot of people down there
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Be careful if your going to try walking out to Foulney... know a few that have got into bother both when its got dark and when bad weather comes in ...should still be good for the odd Bass ...particularly if you go live baiting with a float.
Thanks for the PM Ian
In Connor's absence... think I've found the answer

Think your spot on Mate
Its not foulney island its opposite the dock gates, where that picture on that pdf file is
To get back to your original question

Give it a go ...there use to be the odd Low Water match down there as Interceptor pointed out You should get into same species as when your fishing the channel ...with the chance of the odd silver
Have you thought any more about a bit of lure fishing down at the bottom of Walney or even here on Ramsey Island

Was out with variety rubber (shad) and plastic (popper) lures fishing it in on Monday night till it got too dark to see what I was doing
Not a sniff ...but quiet suprised at the size of the surf for such a small tide..
Maybe after this weekend I'll be able to concentrate on lure / live baiting and get over to Piel / Foulney still want my first cod(ling) of the year though

Tight Lines
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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