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Hi all i'm originally a coarse/match angler and I'm looking to try my hand at some beach casting/lure fishing on holiday in cancun at the end of april. I'm looking for some advice on a reel and line to use while lure fishing from the beach. I've just treated myself with this order and would like some advice:

Shakespeare Expedition XT 9ft 1 £41.63 £41.63
Rod Sale -£16.65

Abu Tormentor Jointed 1 £4.16 £4.16
Floating 130mm BB

Abu Tormentor Jointed 1 £4.16 £4.16
Floating 130mm Tiger

Abu Tormentor Jointed 1 £4.16 £4.16
Floating 130mm Blue Mackerel
Tormentor Lures -£4.16

Devil's Own Massive Silver 1 £2.33 £2.33

Devil's Own Shallow Sunset 1 £2.33 £2.33

Devil's Own Jointed Lizard 1 £2.33 £2.33
Devils Own Plug Deal Discount -£2.33

Slither Lures (Wedges) 38g 3 £0.83 £2.49
Slither Lures -£0.83

Abu Coast Lures 60g 1 £4.58 £4.58

Slim Jim Chrome Spoon 28g 2 £1.46 £2.92

Slim Jim Green Flash Lure 21g 1 £1.25 £1.25

Devils Own Sliver Chrome 1 £2.49 £2.49
Spoon 42g

Devils Own Sliver Blue Spoon 1 £2.49 £2.49

Rocket Popper Mackerel 9cm 1 £3.75 £3.75

Rocket Popper Tiger 9cm 19g 1 £3.75 £3.75

Mustad Mini Shrimps Rig Size 1 £0.83 £0.83

Mustad Fish Skin Bait Size 6 1 £0.83 £0.83

Mustad Mini Hokkai Size 6 Rig 1 £0.83 £0.83

Assuming i can manage to catch some bait fish I'm also considering the purchase of a cheap beach caster rod/reel combo for some live bait fishing.

Edit: forgot to mention i'd only like to spend 40-60 quid on a reel to match the rod i bought and the bare minimum on a beach casting setup.

Thanks in advance

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Don't know if this helps but I have a couple of daiwa cross fire reels on my spinning rods and a bass rod I have. I've also recently purchased and okuma octana bass lure rod and reel in a deal for £65 delivered, the reel is lovely 9+1 b/b okuma trio fd40 and it's lovely and smooth and that's on the okuma octana 9' rod I've purchased. You actually got the reel free when you bought the rod! Had to have it! Others on the lure forum may point you towards shimano exage for the price range you specified, the daiwa cross fire I had off ebay 5 b/b paid less than £30 for it. I believe there are other models maybe slightly older models with less bearing starting from £23? I think I've seen. Another I looked at before buying my new combo was a okuma safina noir I believe it was that also had 5 bearings in it and was less than £20. All looked after should last, and may give you a little bit of extra on a beach set-up.
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